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Finding a date online

Online/Internet Dating today is more than finding your perfect match, its about meeting new people, finding companions and long lost friends, and sharing online time with new people from around the world. Whether you’re looking for marriage, travel companions, friends, lovers or old acquaintances, you’ll find all of the people and online resources you need to find just who and what you’re looking for out of life, and new relationships. We feature personals and profiles from singles who are looking for someone like you. We offer free dating as well! We have the partners and links to help you with your online dating goals. Even if its not a date you’re looking for, you can meet people in places that you may never have thought otherwise. Ever wanted to meet people in other countries than your own? Share new experiences. Share common relationship goals and desires? You can meet someone from the same background as you or different at Online Dating 4 Singles.com.

Finding other singles online

Singles who can share life’s ups and downs…You can meet singles looking for long term permanent relationships, or people just looking to have fun. Access Chat Rooms, Find a Date, Find People, access Free Dating, search Free Personal Ads, Meet Friends, Find Love, Meet your Match, New Relationships, Find Romance, Meet Single Dads, Meet Single Men, Meet Single Moms, Single Women, Find Matchmaking, Get Dating Advice, Manage Break-ups, Learn How to Flirt, Find Intimacy, Discover Compatibility, and build new local and long distance relationships. All ages and ethnic backgrounds, likes and dislikes…

Dating within specific groups

Dating Advice, Dating Tips, Dating Links, Free Dating, Dating Blogs, Dating Chat and much more! From American to Jewish Singles, Catholic and Christian, Gay and Seniors, from almost every country in the world, and even right next door! We have who your looking for! Thousands of genuine single members, and more coming online everyday. You’re bound to meet your dream date or best friend here.

Jewish Dating

Online dating for Jewish singles is a very popular method used for Jewish singles to meet other Jewish singles for friendship, romance, companionship and even marriage.

jewish americans online dating

If you’re Jewish and single, a quick search online and you will discover countless websites and companies offering to help you find your perfect Jewish match! They say that there are more Jewish singles dating websites than any other type of dating site.

Online dating agencies have changed the way Jewish singles meet. Its not just by personal introduction by a friend or family member as the way it has been traditionally, but Jewish singles now have the opportunity to scrutinize, chat with and select other Jewish singles for a possible relationship in a way that is private, interesting and fun, without any interference! Choose from thousands of Jewish singles online now at online dating 4 singles.

Millions of Jewish singles speak and use the Hebrew language, both text and characters and want to meet other Jewish singles who both understand and use Hebrew in their day-to-day lives. Hebrew is the official language of Israel and is spoken by millions of Jew worldwide.

Many people have learnt Hebrew through their childhood from their families, but others may have attended a Hebrew College or studied Hebrew in university. These are of course excellent ways to meet other Hebrew speaking Jewish singles!

You may choose to learn Hebrew online, and at the same time meet other Jewish singles-why not!

Whether you’re looking for Hebrew singles or would like to meet any other singles online for possible friendship and love, search for free and see who you can meet! Meet Hebrew Singles at online dating 4 singles today.

Senior dating online

Online Dating Article Single seniors looking for love online has grown substantially over the past few years.

With more seniors than ever going online at home, there are plenty of single seniors to choose from!

senior couple on online date

No matter what age, men or women, America, Australia, Canada, Britain, Europe and almost any other country in the world, you will find single seniors looking for other singles for love, romance, companionship, friendship, travel mates, dating and even marriage.

It’s never to late to enjoy life and to share some of what life has to offer with someone special. Whatever your hobbies, activities, likes or dislikes, there is someone for every single senior online today.

To discover who might be waiting for you, why not search for single seniors today at online dating 4 singles.

Dating for people with no sight

Single blind individuals come from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds, all professions and all parts of the world. Being blind doesn’t necessarily mean that someone cannot see at all. It can be something as manageable as a vision impairment, from partial to total blindness. Many single blind people prefer to date and have relationships with other blind singles. This is simply a preference.

blind couple on date

It is often said that it easier to be with someone who understands what you are going through and your challenges when they have had to deal with the same issues themselves. Although blindness is considered a special need, disability or handicap by some, many blind singles live vibrant and fulfilled lives and would like to share their experiences with someone else.
Blind singles aren’t always looking for other blind singles. It is a matter of choice and of course depends completely on the individuals they meet. If you are looking to meet and date blind singles, you can search online for website who cater specifically to blind singles, or you can search for free here at www.onlinedating4singles.com.

Russian dating

Russia is known for its harsh winters and generally cold climate, but its also renowned for its beautiful Russian Women and Girls! Russian single men know this is a fact!

If you are looking for Russian singles/women online, online dating 4 singles has thousands of members to choose from.

Russian dating

Russia has over 1000 major cities. We have single members online now from popular Russian destinations such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. You’re sure to meet your perfect match here at online dating 4 singles.

Why not search for free now and see who can can meet!

Polish dating

Polish single men and women love to meet online!

Polish singles are not just in Poland anymore. With the expansion of the European Union, many polish singles work in different countries throughout the EU. They may want to meet other Polish singles out side of Poland and live in a new location, or meet a new partner within Poland itself.

Polish singles can be found online from major Polish cities such as Cracow, Gdansk, Poznan, Szczecin, Warsaw and Wroclaw, and many others. If you would like to meet Polish singles for dating, friendship, marriage or …. search for free at online dating 4 singles


Its not just the major cities of the Ukraine such as Kiev and Odesa where you can expect to meet Slavic/Ukrainian singles. With a growing population of over 50 million, there are singles looking for new relationships all across the Ukraine.

The internet is becoming increasingly popular with Ukrainians so meeting singles online is not unusual. Ukraine is close to Hungary, Romania, and Russia and has a diverse population.

Close proximity within the European Union and cheap flights from just about anywhere, the Ukraine is accessible, and popular with singles looking for new partners worldwide. For Ukrainian/Slavic singles in your area, please visit our singles dating network and search for free now at.


Thai Singles There are now millions of Thai singles looking for friendship and long term relationships online in Thailand.

Some singles, who were originally from Thailand, have moved to other parts of the world and may have a new life and friends they wish to share with a Thai partner.

Other Thai singles within Thailand itself may be searching for someone in their own region, or in other countries, to start a life with. If you’re single and seeking love and romance with other Thai singles, Online Dating 4 Singles and its vast worldwide singles network can help. Whether you’re from Thailand, or wish to meet someone from Thailand, you will find Thai singles online here now.


American Singles.com If you’re looking for single American men, there are more single men than single women in the states of Nevada, Montana and Idaho and major cities such as Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego and Houston all had ratios higher for single men to single women, while Philadelphia had one of the lowest ratios. According the the US census (2004)

But, if you’re looking for single American women, than Mississippi, Maryland and Louisiana with the best city being Philadelphia are your best bets!.

With over 304,000,000 Americans in 48 states stretching across nearly 4 million square miles, its not difficult to understand why there are more singles in the United States than any other nation in the world!

From New York to Chicago, Las Angeles to Boston and Seattle to Houston, there are millions of American singles online looking to meet their new perfect match.

If you’re looking to meet American singles online now, search for free and discover American singles worldwide at online dating 4 singles.


Australian Singles Dating With a population of over 20 million (millions being SINGLE); a land mass making it the sixth largest in the world; and some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet, Australia has a lot to offer for Australian singles!

From Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania, Aussie singles have got the ‘roo by the tail! Since 1945, more than six million people from over 200 countries have settled in Australia, making this place a vibrant, diverse culture with something for ANY single. People actually born overseas rather than in Australia alone have made a significant contribution to the overall character of this vast continent.


Willkommene Männer und Frauen!

Germany is a rich, fascinating and truly glorious countries. From the traditional Christmas markets to the magnificent architectural masterpieces, it is a fantastic place to meet singles, or to be single!

couple from germany on online date

From Bamberg, Berlin, Cologne, Dresden and Frankfurt am Main to Freiburg im Breisgau, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Munich, Münster, Leipzig, Regensburg and Stuttgart, has millions of singles looking for new friends, lovers and life partners. With over 82,000,000 population including over 7 million foreign residents fr4om countries such as Turkey, Greece, Italy, Russia and Spain, Germany has a diverse population rich in culture and steeped in tradition.

If you’re single and German and looking to meet other singles, of if you’re planning a trip and would like to meet new friends, try a free online search today and find German singles worldwide! online dating 4 singles.


Canadian Singles Dating From St. Johns to Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Victoria, Regina and Vancouver, there are literally millions of Canadian singles online now.

From every background, age, province, territory and of every ethnic origin, singles Canadians can be found online almost everywhere.

With a population of over 30 million from every part of the world, Canada has singles you want to meet! Whether your Canadian yourself and seeking a new partner, or you wish to meet a Canadian single for friendship, love or even marriage, we probably have your perfect match at online dating 4 singles.

From the rocky mountains of British Columbia and Alberta to the vast prairie fields of Saskatewan and Manitoba, Canadian singles have something to share.

Canadians are know for their gentle hospitality and warm, caring natures. Don’t confuse single Canadians with Americans! Not something they are keen on, but one chat and you’ll understand why.

If you’re Canadian and looking to meet other Canadian singles, or if you have wanted to meet other single Canadians from other part of the world, try a free search today.

Canada’s people and places set the scene for romance. Walking, hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, golf and so much more. As well as outdoor activities, Canada’s historic and culture venues provide a rich learning experience, and one you’ll remember for a lifetime.


¡Hombres y mujeres agradables!

Mexico/Mexican Singles Dating Hot salsa is not only a popular Mexican delicacy, it describes many Mexican singles perfectly!

Spicy sums it up when it comes to Mexico, and many of the Mexican singles that inhabit this culturally and scenically rich country.

mexican couple on online date

Mexico has a diverse population of over 108 million, there are literally millions of Mexican singles looking for marriage and friendship online.

Mexicans aren’t just in Mexico anymore. You can meet up with Mexican singles now living in many part of the world. If you’re a Mexican single you can also meet other Mexican singles online here.

From Mexico City, Acapulco, Torreon, Tequila and Puerto Vallarta, to Taxco and Lake Chapala, there are singles looking for new love online.

Point of interest: Lake Chapala has a growing population of English Ex-Pats from America and elsewhere, and are particularly nicely positioned near Guadalajara to both start a new relationship and explore all that Mexico has to offer.

If you’re looking to meet single Mexicans online, please visit online dating 4 singles and search for free today.


Meet singles online today, local and worldwide. If you are wanting an Ebony relationship, whether you’re black or white, a man or woman…

Post a free profile, search and chat.

If you’re looking for Ebony seeking singles online for long and short term relationships, search for free now and discover Ebony singles online locally or internationally…


Search for Hispanic singles online now, for free!

If you’re a Hispanic single looking for other Hispanic singles for love, romance, fun, friendship and more, search today and discover singles who match you’re profile.

There are millions of Hispanic singles worldwide. Why now see if the right one for you is online now.


If you’re a Hispanic single looking for other Hispanic singles for love, romance, fun, friendship and more, search today and discover singles who match you’re profile.

There are millions of Hispanic singles worldwide. Why now see if the right one for you is online now.


Swedish Singles If you’re looking to meet Swedish singles online than Online Dating 4 Singles.com is the place to be!

Sweden is a beautiful country with rich landscapes, glorious fields of flowers; a spectacular coastline and lovely, friendly people. Thousands of Swedish singles are looking for partners online. Whether you would like to meet singles in your area within Sweden, or from another country, we have Swedish singles from all areas of Sweden including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Lapland (Icehotel), Blekinge, Goteborg and many other cities.

So if its local Swedish Singles you’re looking to meet, for friendship, or a long term relationship, search our Swedish singles network for free and meet your Swedish match today!


UK Singles Dating There are currently millions of singles in the UK looking to meet other singles. Whether its for a long term relationship, or just a night out for a meal and a film, there are plenty of ways of finding UK singles and plenty of things to do once you meet up!

From London to Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, Yorkshire and the Midlands, there are singles in every area of the UK who are eager to meet the person of their dreams!

Much of the UK is very busy these days, and so are the people who live there. Between traffic and work, and everything in between, singles in the UK are looking for a break, and someone to share it with. The UK offers a wide variety of sporting, cultural and outdoors activities, and no shortage of singles to spend time with. If you haven’t started searching, or you are simply still waiting to meet your perfect match, we have singles to meet every desire.

For local UK singles in your area, please visit our UK singles network and search for free now …


Wales/Welsh Singles Dating If you’re single, Welsh and living in Wales you’re in luck! Not only are they’re thousands of welsh singles in Wales, but others who would be willing to meet you closer to them, or even right next door!

Wales is a beautiful country and is the perfect place to spend time with a new friend of partner. There are many activities for singles, both outdoors an indoors. Dining out, sightseeing, hiking, fishing, artistic endeavours and so on. Wales offers a wealth of opportunities for singles to meet and enjoy life.

welsh dating online

From Cardiff to Swansea and Newport to Bridgend, you’re guaranteed to find singles who meet exactly what you’re looking for in a friendship or long/short term relationship.

For singles in your area, please visit our local Wales dating network now at…


Irish/Ireland Singles Dating Ireland is the twentieth largest island in the world, and has some of the most lovely singles as well!

The Irish are well known for being friendly and fun loving, but hard work and commitment are also part of the makeup. The population now exceeds 6 million with a million plus being single.

irish dating online

From Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny (ah that the Kilkenny beer!), Kildare and Meath, to Kerry, Louth and Carlow, there are many Irish singles online now looking to meet their perfect match.

There are a wide variety of Irish landmarks to take in, as well as exploring the vast countryside, and popping in to the occasional local Irish pub to take your fancy. Meeting an dating in Ireland can be an enjoyable and memorable experience and possibly one to last a lifetime! Meet Irish singles online now at online dating 4 singles.


EU Singles If you live ANYWHERE in the EU (European Union), your single, and looking for love, romance, marriage or even friendship, the possibilities truly are endless!

The European Union is currently (2008) made up of 27 member states includingEstonia, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, , Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary,Romania, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal,Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia,Belgium, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. If you are a citizen or even resident of any of these EU countries than there are special rights and freedoms you can enjoy as an EU (European Union) single.

Many singles only think of meeting other singles in their own country, but as an EU singles, you’re spoilt for choice! Don’t limit yourself. Meeting singles in other countries provides not only excellent opportunities for meeting your new love, but for travel and broadening your mind, learning about new countries and cultures. Why not take advantage of one of the best things the EU has to offer, millions and millions of single men and women looking for love online just like you! Search now at online dating 4 singles for your perfect EU date.


Online Dating Article Are you single in Scotland? Are you looking to meet other singles in your area. We have singles online from cities like Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Stirling as well as rural and country towns and villages throughout Scotland.

There are thousands of Scottish Singles online at online dating 4 singles.

Singles 40+

If you’re looking for Scottish Singles over 50, visit our 50+ dating area to meet 50+ singles now: 50+ Singles

If you want to meet up and date other Scottish singles and enjoy some of the best Scotland has to offer, you may find your match here. From breathtaking landscapes, to glorious natural heritage sites and people with character and a zest for life, Scotland has the singles you want to meet!


Uomini e donne benvenuti!

Are you a single Italian looking to meet other single Italians online?

italian girl up for online date

Italians are known for love and romance. There are literally millions of single Italians looking for new love and long term relationships from all parts of the world.

From Rome, Venice and Florence to Milan and Turin, singles in Italy are searching for new friends and lovers now. Of course, there are also Italian Americans and other Italians in countries other than Italy itself. Don’t limit yourself!

If you are looking to meet Italian singles from Italy or Italians from other countries, search online for free today. You never know who you might meet!


British Singles-UK Dating With over 60 million inhabitants Britain has a lot of singles looking for love online! Online dating is a very popular way for British singles to meet online.

Hectic lifestyles make the internet an excellent tool for finding a new partner. British singles can meet other British singles online from just about every country in the world.

Within Britain itself, Wales, Scotland Ireland and England have a diverse and exciting singles population, and all within reasonable driving distance, that is if you compare it with Australia or Canada!

British singles often display the confidence and drive often sought for in a new partner, and lets not forget the dry sense of humour! If you’re looking to meet British singles online today for a possible long term relationship, or just for fun, you can view pics and profiles for free at online dating 4 singles now. You’ll be glad you did!



Japanese Singles-Dating Japan Japan’s culture and people make it not only an exotic and fascinating country to visit, but a wonderful place to meet singles online.

Tradition combined with modernisation in every aspect of its culture and daily living makes this

From the mystic geishas to the mystical lush fauna and complex, intense language, Japan can be the perfect place to find your next wife (bride) or husband.

Japan now has a burgeoning population of over 128 million on over unique 3000 islands, making it not only a popular holiday destination, but a romantic meeting place or getaway.

Access single Japanese men and women online now looking for long term love, romance and marriage at online dating 4 singles.

Don’t forget, if you do meet that special someone that you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with, Japan is a beautiful location for a wedding!

Search today and be attracted to the match of your dreams.


Online Dating Article Meet New Zealand (NZ) singles online now- search our worldwide membership for genuine, New Zealand singles.

There are thousands of singles in New Zealand looking for single new partners, friends and lovers, for fun, marriage, short or long term committed relationships.

Don’t limit yourself to just New Zealand.

You can find online, active members from nearly every country on the planet!

Search for free for singles in your area today. You’ll be glad you did!


Barbados Singles Dating Does meeting on a tropical island for cool drinks and a bit of fun in the sun sound good to you? Then you want to meet singles in Barbados! Relaxing days and nights in the Caribbean, and sunsets you can only dream of. Barbados has the sights and sounds of love, and the singles to make your dreams come true!

Intimate moments are there for the taking on the beautiful picturesque island that seems like it was created for love.

In 2006 the population was just over 274,000, so the number of Barbados singles is relative, but worth the time and effort to find! If you live in Barbados and are single, or you live elsewhere but would like to meet Barbados singles online, please search here now and find out who’s online. It could be your perfect match for life!


Spanish Singles If you’re single and either from Spain or would like to meet Spanish singles and you are from another country, online dating 4 singles is the online dating site for you!

We have Spanish singles from all regions of Spain, men and women, looking to meet someone for friendship, marriage or companionship.

From Madrid to Balboa, Sevilla to Valencia, Barcelona to Granada and Benidorm, you will find Spanish singles here.

You may be living in Spain as an ex-pat, or have lived in Spain all your life.

Finding someone to share your life with, or maybe even just a friend, can be done here.

For Spanish singles search for free today and meet Spanish singles in your local area.


Norway Singles Dating There are Norwegian singles all across Norway looking for love, romance, marriage, friendship and fun.

From Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger to Kristiansand, Fredrikstad, Tromsø and Drammen, Norwegian singles can be found all across this beautiful country.

Norway is one of the Nordic countries, part of the Scandinavian peninsula. If you’re from Norway than you likely speak Norwegian, Lappish and/or English. If you’re not from Norway but are interested in Norwegian singles, or, if you’re Norwegian and you’re looking for love online, than visit online dating 4 singles.

We have many singles from Norway and other parts of the world looking to meet singles worldwide.

From the mountains to the plateaus of Norway, there are plenty of singles looking for love, just like you! Why not try and search for free today. You just never know who you might meet!